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This project is part of the @thi.ng/umbrella monorepo.


Extensible deep equivalence checking for any data types. Supports:

  • JS primitives
  • arrays
  • plain objects
  • ES6 Sets / Maps
  • Date
  • RegExp
  • types with .equiv() implementations (IEquiv interface)

This feature was previously part of the @thi.ng/api package.


yarn add @thi.ng/equiv


Usage examples

import { equiv } from "@thi.ng/equiv";

equiv({a: {b: [1, 2]}}, {a: {b: [1, 2]}});
// true

Implement IEquiv interface

This is useful & required for custom types to take part in equiv checks, by default only plain objects & array are traversed deeply.

Furthemore by implementing this interface we can better control which internal values / criteria are required to establish equivalence. In this example we exclude the meta property and only check for same type & children equality.

import { IEquiv } from "@thi.ng/api";
import { equiv } from "@thi.ng/equiv";

class Node implements IEquiv {

    meta: any;
    children: any[];

    constructor(children: any[], meta?) {
        this.children = children;
        this.meta = meta;

    equiv(o: any) {
        return o instanceof Node && equiv(this.children, o.children);

equiv(new Node([1,2,3], "foo"), new Node([1,2,3], "bar"));
// true


  • Karsten Schmidt


© 2018 Karsten Schmidt // Apache Software License 2.0

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