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Const updateDOM

  • updateDOM(opts?: Partial<HDOMOpts>, impl?: HDOMImplementation<any>): Transducer<any, any[]>
  • Side-effecting & stateful transducer which receives @thi.ng/hdom component trees, diffs each against previous value and applies required changes to browser DOM starting at given root element.

    By default, incoming values are first normalized using hdom's normalizeTree() function and a copy of the given (optional) ctx object is provided to all embedded component functions in the tree. If the autoDerefKeys option is given, attempts to auto-expand/deref the given keys in the user supplied context object (ctx option) prior to each tree normalization. All of these values should implement the thi.ng/api IDeref interface (e.g. atoms, cursors, views, rstreams etc.). This feature can be used to define dynamic contexts linked to the main app state, e.g. using derived views provided by thi.ng/atom.

    If the hydrate option is given, the first received tree is only used to inject event listeners and initialize components with lifecycle init() methods and expects an otherwise identical, pre-existing DOM. All succeeding trees are diffed then as usual.

    This transducer is primarily intended for @thi.ng/rstream dataflow graph based applications, where it can be used as final leaf subscription to reactively reflect UI changes back to the user, without using the usual RAF update loop used by hdom by default. In this setup, DOM updates will only be performed when the stream this transducer is attached to emits new values (i.e. hdom component trees).

    Please see here for further details: https://github.com/thi-ng/umbrella/blob/master/packages/hdom/src/start.ts


    • Default value opts: Partial<HDOMOpts> = {}

      hdom options

    • Default value impl: HDOMImplementation<any> = DEFAULT_IMPL

    Returns Transducer<any, any[]>

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