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This project is part of the @thi.ng/umbrella monorepo.


SVG element functions for @thi.ng/hiccup & @thi.ng/hdom.


The functions provided here do produce valid hiccup elements, but since none of them make use of (or support) the global hiccup / hdom context object, they can ONLY be invoked directly, i.e. they MUST be called like:

// correct (direct invocation)
svg.svg({}, svg.circle([0, 0], 100, { fill: "red" }));

// incorrect / unsupported (lazy evaluation)
[svg.svg, {}, [svg.circle, [0, 0], 100, { fill: "red" }]]

SVG conversion of @thi.ng/geom & @thi.ng/hdom-canvas shape trees

Since v2.0.0 this package provides a conversion utility to translate the more compact syntax used by @thi.ng/geom and @thi.ng/hdom-canvas shape trees (designed for more performant realtime / canvas drawing) into a SVG serializable hiccup format.

The convertTree() function takes a pre-normalized hiccup tree of hdom-canvas shape definitions and recursively converts it into an hiccup flavor which is ready for SVG serialization (i.e. using stringified geometry attribs). This conversion also involves translation & re-organization of various attributes, as described below. This function returns a new tree. The original remains untouched, as will any unrecognized tree / shape nodes (those will be transferred as-is to the result tree). See example below.

Since v3.7.0 tree conversion can be implicitly triggered by providing a convert: true attribute to the root svg() element.

// create SVG root element and convert body
{ width: 100, height: 100, convert: true},
["rect", { fill: [1, 0, 0] }, [0,0], 100, 100]
// [
// 'svg',
// {
// version: '1.1',
// xmlns: 'http://www.w3.org/2000/svg',
// 'xmlns:xlink': 'http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink',
// width: 100,
// height: 100
// },
// [ 'rect', { fill: '#ff0000', x: 0, y: 0, width: 100, height: 100 } ]
// ]

Automatic attribute conversions


Since v3.1.0:

Color conversions are only applied to fill and stroke attributes and color stops provided to linearGradient(), radialGradient()


String color attribs prefixed with $ are replaced with url(#...) refs (e.g. to refer to gradients), else used as is (untransformed)


Interpreted as ARGB hex value:

{ fill: 0xffaabbcc } => { fill: "#aabbcc" }


Interpreted as float RGB(A):

{ fill: [1, 0.8, 0.6, 0.4] } => { fill: "rgba(255,204,153,0.40)" }

@thi.ng/color values

Converted to CSS color strings:

{ fill: hcya(0.1666, 1, 0.8859) } => { fill: "#ffff00" }


(i.e. transform, rotate, scale, translate)

If an element has a transform attrib, conversion of the other transformation attribs will be skipped, else the values are assumed to be either strings or:

  • transform: 6-element numeric array (2x3 matrix in column major order)
  • translate: 2-element array
  • rotate: number (angle in radians)
  • scale: number (uniform scale) or 2-elem array

If no transform, but others are given, the resulting transformation order will always be TRS. Any string values will be used as-is and therefore need to be complete, e.g. { rotate: "rotate(60)" }


STABLE - used in production

Search or submit any issues for this package


yarn add @thi.ng/hiccup-svg

ES module import:

<script type="module" src="https://cdn.skypack.dev/@thi.ng/hiccup-svg"></script>

Skypack documentation

For Node.js REPL:

# with flag only for < v16
node --experimental-repl-await

> const hiccupSvg = await import("@thi.ng/hiccup-svg");

Package sizes (gzipped, pre-treeshake): ESM: 2.61 KB


Usage examples

Several demos in this repo's /examples directory are using this package.

A selection:

ScreenshotDescriptionLive demoSource
Probabilistic color theme generatorDemoSource
Heatmap visualization of this mono-repo's commitsSource
Basic crypto-currency candle chart with multiple moving averages plotsDemoSource
Color palette generation via dominant color extraction from uploaded imagesDemoSource
Mouse gesture / stroke analysis, simplification, corner detectionDemoSource
Various hdom-canvas shape drawing examples & SVG conversion / exportDemoSource
CLI util to visualize umbrella pkg statsSource
Generate SVG using pointfree DSLSource
Polygon to cubic curve conversion & visualizationDemoSource
rdom powered SVG graph with draggable nodesDemoSource
Interactive grid generator, SVG generation & export, undo/redo supportDemoSource
Additive waveform synthesis & SVG visualization with undo/redoDemoSource


Generated API docs

import * as svg from "@thi.ng/hiccup-svg";
import { serialize } from "@thi.ng/hiccup";
import * as fs from "fs";

{width: 100, height: 100},
svg.defs(svg.linearGradient("grad", [0, 0], [0, 1], [[0, "red"], [1, "blue"]])),
svg.circle([50, 50], 50, { fill: "url(#grad)" }),
svg.text([50, 55], "Hello", { fill: "white", "text-anchor": "middle" })

Minimal example showing SVG conversion of a hdom-canvas scene:

// scene tree defined for hdom-canvas
const scene = [
["defs", {},
{ id: "bg", from: [150, 280], to: [150, 300], r1: 300, r2: 100 },
[[0, "#07f"], [0.5, "#0ef"], [0.8, "#efe"], [1, "#af0"]]],
{ id: "sun", from: [110, 120], to: [110, 120], r1: 5, r2: 50 },
[[0, "#fff"], [1, "rgba(255,255,192,0)"]]]
["circle", { fill: "$bg" }, [150, 150], 130],
["circle", { fill: "$sun" }, [110, 120], 50],

svg.svg({ width: 300, height: 300 }, svg.convertTree(scene))


<svg version="1.1"
xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" width="300" height="300">
<radialGradient id="bg" fx="150.00" fy="280.00" cx="150.00" cy="300.00" fr="300.00" r="100.00" gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse">
<stop offset="0" stop-color="#07f"/>
<stop offset="0.5" stop-color="#0ef"/>
<stop offset="0.8" stop-color="#efe"/>
<stop offset="1" stop-color="#af0"/>
<radialGradient id="sun" fx="110.00" fy="120.00" cx="110.00" cy="120.00" fr="5.00" r="50.00" gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse">
<stop offset="0" stop-color="#fff"/>
<stop offset="1" stop-color="rgb(255,255,192)" stop-opacity="0"/>
<circle cx="150.00" cy="150.00" r="130.00" fill="url(#bg)"/>
<circle cx="110.00" cy="120.00" r="50.00" fill="url(#sun)"/>


Karsten Schmidt

If this project contributes to an academic publication, please cite it as:

  title = "@thi.ng/hiccup-svg",
  author = "Karsten Schmidt",
  note = "https://thi.ng/hiccup-svg",
  year = 2016


© 2016 - 2021 Karsten Schmidt // Apache Software License 2.0

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