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This project is part of the @thi.ng/umbrella monorepo.


2D shape drawing & rasterization.

The functions in this package can be used with any IGrid2D compatible grid/image type (e.g. those provided by @thi.ng/pixel or @thi.ng/text-canvas).

Currently the following functions are available. All of them support custom shader-like functions to produce "pixel" values.



Polygon / polyline

Filled or outline drawing of polygons (without holes):


  • drawRect(): Filled or outline implementation with pre-applied clipping against the target grid.

Flood fill

  • floodFill(): Fills grid in the connected region around x,y with given value or shader

Also see corresponding function in @thi.ng/grid-iterators.

Custom shaders

Conceptually similar, but not to be equaled with actual WebGL fragement shaders, many functions in this package support shader-like functions to produce per-pixel fill/color values for each individual pixel processed. These simple functions take an x and y arg (in grid-space, not normalized!) and produce a fill value for that location. A pixel is processed at most once per draw call.

The following shader functions are provided:

As an example, here's a simple custom UV gradient shader for drawing into a float RGBA buffer:

import type { Shader2D } from "@thi.ng/rasterize";
import { floatBuffer } from "@thi.ng/pixel";
import { drawCircle } from "@thi.ng/rasterize";

// custom gradient shader
const defUVGradient = (width: number, height: number): Shader2D<number[]> =>
(x, y) => [x/width, y/height, 0.5, 1];

const W = 256;

// create float RGBA pixel buffer
const img = floatBuffer(W, W);

// draw filled circle using gradient shader
drawCircle(img, W/2, W/2, W/2 - 4, defUVGradient(W, W), true);

result image: circle with gradient fill


ALPHA - bleeding edge / work-in-progress

Search or submit any issues for this package

Related packages

  • @thi.ng/grid-iterators - 2D grid and shape iterators w/ multiple orderings
  • @thi.ng/pixel - Typedarray integer & float pixel buffers w/ customizable formats, blitting, drawing, convolution
  • @thi.ng/text-canvas - Text based canvas, drawing, tables with arbitrary formatting (incl. ANSI/HTML)


yarn add @thi.ng/rasterize

ES module import:

<script type="module" src="https://cdn.skypack.dev/@thi.ng/rasterize"></script>

Skypack documentation

For Node.js REPL:

# with flag only for < v16
node --experimental-repl-await

> const rasterize = await import("@thi.ng/rasterize");

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Karsten Schmidt

If this project contributes to an academic publication, please cite it as:

  title = "@thi.ng/rasterize",
  author = "Karsten Schmidt",
  note = "https://thi.ng/rasterize",
  year = 2021


© 2021 Karsten Schmidt // Apache Software License 2.0

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