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Interface RouterConfig

Configuration object for BasicRouter and HTMLRouter instances.




Optional authenticator

authenticator: RouteAuthenticator

Optional route authentication function. See RouteAuthenticator for further details. If no authenticator is given, all matched routes will always succeed, regardless if a rule's auth flag is enabled or not.


defaultRouteID: string

Fallback route ID (MUST exist in routes), used if none of the defined routes could be matched against user input, e.g. a home or error page.

Optional initialRouteID

initialRouteID: undefined | string

Optional initial route to trigger when router starts. If given, this MUST be a route without params.

Optional prefix

prefix: undefined | string

Route prefix. Default: /. All routes to be parsed by BasicRouter.route are assumed to have this prefix. All routes returned by {@link (BasicRouter.format:1)} will include this prefix.


routes: Route[]

An array of route specs, which are being attempted to be matched in order of appearance.

Optional separator

separator: undefined | string

Optional route path component separator. Default: /

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